PostNL delivers 100% emission-free on the Wadden Islands

PostNL is going to deliver mail and parcels to all Wadden islands 100% emission-free.

Terschelling is the first island where PostNL will be delivering mail and parcels by electric car, bicycle and on foot as of Tuesday 28 March 2017. The islands Vlieland, Schiermonnikoog, Ameland and Texel will follow in the upcoming months. This is part of PostNL’s ambition to become more sustainable.

All diesel delivery vans and mopeds on Terschelling have been replaced by electric cars, electric motor scooters and bicycles. After Terschelling, Vlieland will follow. PostNL already has emission-free mail delivery there. Soon, the company will also be delivering parcels to Vlieland electrically. The other islands will follow after that. The Wadden islands have a collective ambition to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and water by 2020. With 100% emission-free delivery, PostNL is contributing to this ambition.

Sustainable delivery

Albert Rodenboog, Director of Production: ‘PostNL covers 128 million kilometres a year, of which 51 million kilometres are travelled on foot or by bicycle. Those are already 100% emission-free, but we have high ambitions in further reducing carbon emissions. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) shows that worldwide, PostNL is the most sustainable company in the transport sector. With that, PostNL is the sector’s international leader. By delivering mail and parcels to the Wadden islands electrically or with muscle power, we are taking the next step in smarter and more sustainable delivery. And it also offers options for additional sustainable services. These could include delivering travellers’ luggage. By working with local entrepreneurs, we can offer them emission-free delivery in the future as well.’

Building sustainability

With logistics solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment, we are building towards a healthy future. One out of three PostNL delivery vans now runs on green gas. In 2016, PostNL started replacing 400 diesel vehicles with delivery vans that run on green gas. We have now achieved that and the company has decided to expand that to a total of 500. PostNL will be installing solar panels on the roofs of all parcels sorting centres. Per location, they generate more than 42% of the energy required to sort the parcels. Delivery vans also use the smartest delivery routes, and vehicles are loaded in the optimum way to ensure that the least amount of ‘air’ is transported. In busy city centres, we will be delivering more mail and parcels with e-freight bicycles and electric scooters on the long term. PostNL already uses electric freight bicycles to make deliveries to the Amsterdam canal district.

Source: PostNL

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