High level of punctuality for letter and parcel deliveries at Swiss Post

In 2016, Swiss Post once again recorded very high on-time delivery rates for letters and parcels: 98 percent of A Mail letters and 98.9 percent of B Mail letters were delivered to their recipients within the promised timeframe.

For parcels, 98.1 percent of all PostPac Priority and 97.2 percent of all PostPac Economy consignments arrived on time. This performance exceeds the stipulations of the Federal Council.

Last year, Swiss Post processed around 2.1 billion addressed letters. This represents a fall in volume of almost 4 percent year-on-year. 98 percent of A Mail letters were delivered on time, while 98.9 percent of B Mail letters arrived on schedule. As in previous years, the scores achieved are at a very high level. Through investments in modern technologies and optimization measures in its own sorting and delivery process such as improved in-house work processes, Swiss Post is ensuring that letters will also reach their destination reliably and on time in the future.

Punctual parcel deliveries

In 2016, Swiss Post delivered more parcels than ever before: around 122 million. This represents an increase in volume of almost 6 percent year-on-year. Despite this increase, delivery quality remained as high as ever. Last year, 98.1 percent of PostPac Priority parcels and 97.2 percent of PostPac Economy parcels were delivered to their recipients on time. In light of the growth in online commerce, Swiss Post is anticipating a continued rise in parcel volumes in the next few years, but also increased margin pressure. In order to guarantee a high level of quality and punctuality in the future, Swiss Post has gradually equipped its three parcel centers in Daillens, Frauenfeld and Härkingen with additional sorting systems, completing the process in autumn 2016. Thanks to this investment, the centers have been able to increase their sorting capacity by about 25 percent.

Legislative requirements exceeded

The scores achieved exceed the standards set by postal legislation: according to these requirements, 97 percent of letters and 95 percent of parcels in Switzerland must be delivered on time. Taking a look beyond our borders indicates that Swiss standards are the highest in Europe. With its good results, Swiss Post has long been an international leader in terms of punctual delivery.

Scientific, independent measurements

For delivery time measurements concerning domestic letters, some 90,000 text letters are sent every year. These measurements are conducted by the independent market research institute GfK Switzerland AG in accordance with European standards. Parcel delivery times are measured using a scientifically recognized sampling procedure and includes about 2,400 test consignments. Another independent company, Consult AG, also monitors these measurements.

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Source: Swiss Post

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