Manage parcels individually at Swiss Post

Swiss Post customers can now manage their parcels individually and decide for themselves when, where and how they want to receive them.

For example, even while parcels are out for delivery, customers can arrange for them to be delivered on a desired day, in the evening or early in the morning. In order to offer even greater convenience when receiving parcels, Swiss Post is also trialling delivery time notifications. 

Rising mobility in society and growing online retail mean that customers expect individual options for sending and receiving parcels. Over the past few years, Swiss Post has introduced a number of services that meet these needs. Swiss Post is now going one step further and, effective immediately, is offering its customers the option to manage parcels, even while they are out for delivery.

Consignments can be managed online in the Customer Center on the Swiss Post website. Incoming parcels can be viewed here and customers can choose when, where and how they want to receive their consignment: they can select delivery on a desired day (including Saturday), evening or early-morning delivery, or redirect their delivery to another address. It is also possible to have parcels left at a desired location or delivered to a neighbour. Many of these services can be ordered both for individual consignments and as a standing order.

Delivery time notification trial

Swiss Post is also trialling another service alongside this where customers receive an e-mail or SMS informing them of their delivery time window. This allows them to better prepare for the arrival of their parcels. If the trial is successful, it is planned to be introduced at the end of February 2017.

Developing services according to customer requirements

Swiss Post wants to play an active role in helping to shape the development of the e-commerce market and design it to be even easier for retailers and customers. In addition to services that offer customers greater flexibility and convenience when sending and receiving their consignments, Swiss Post is also trialling new forms of delivery such as drones and delivery robots.

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Source: Swiss Post

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