Ivan Čulo Appointed CEO of Hrvatska Pošta d.d.

Mr. Ivan Čulo was appointed as the new CEO of the company during the management session held by the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Post on 19 January 2017.

In this meeting, Mr. Josip Udiljak, who was a member of the Board of Directors, was discharged from his position. The newly appointed CEO of HP- Hrvatska pošta d.d. (Croatian Post), was previously working as Executive Director of the Board of Directors where he formally managed the Postal Division. Mr. Ivan Čulo has been working in the Croatian Post since 1997 and has worked during the past 20 years on all the processes and tasks undertaken by Croatian Post – from the Postal Service Operator to this present position. He has also been directly participating in the strategic part of the company’s operations as a member of the higher management team for more than 8 years. Even though his responsibility has always been associated with the fundamental business operations, he has been actively involved in other important strategic projects as well.

Mr. Ivan Čulo was born in 1972 and he completed his higher education while he was already working at the Croatian Post. He studied at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport & Traffic Sciences, where in 2004 he received his BSc Traffic Engineer title. He also decided to continue his education until 2010, when he obtained the title of University Economy Specialist, following a completion of his postgraduate study at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics. Amongst the many academic developments in his life, he simultaneously attended during the past ten years, one course that deserves special emphasis, which is the CROMA EduCare program in the area of corporate management, a course that Mr. Čulo successfully completed.


Source: Hrvatska pošta d.d.

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