Postal network discussions continue at Swiss Post

As part of the announced development of the postal network, Swiss Post has completed the first round of discussions with all 26 cantons, during which regional needs and development areas were discussed.

Swiss Post is currently taking these initial findings into consideration with regard to the second round of discussions with the cantons. Until then, all assumptions on the development of the postal network in the individual cantons are purely speculative. Following the conclusion of these discussions, Swiss Post will conduct an initial review of the latest situation.

Swiss Post has maintained regular contact with individual authorities for some time. Since last autumn, there has been increased direct dialogue with the cantons, municipalities and the public to raise transparency and planning security. In an initial round of talks with all cantons, regional postal service needs were discussed. This included factors such as geographic location in rural areas, compatibility with cantonal structure plans and regional economic or demographic trends.

Swiss Post will now assess the cantons’ feedback. Regional needs are set to be examined further and consolidated in a second round of discussions with cantonal representatives taking place in the next few weeks. In the second quarter of 2017, Swiss Post will conduct an initial review of the latest situation, and provide information on the most important findings from the work carried out on the postal network as well as the next steps. Until the conclusion of the discussions with the cantons, no statements can be made on the overall situation in a given canton. The maps and lists published by the trade union syndicom are therefore pure speculation and constitute a source of fear and uncertainty. This is not appropriate or constructive.

For Swiss Post, it is particularly important that the postal network is restructured with great care. As part of a transparent approach, Swiss Post wants to present its motives in detail to both the authorities and the public, and provide regular information in the regions about developments. With this in mind, since the beginning of the year, an information event for the local population has been hosted for every conversion of a post office into a new format, which also highlights postal services and the variety of services available. 

Expanding the number of access points

Last October, Swiss Post announced plans to extend the number of its access points from 3,700 to at least 4,000. In the coming years, the development from traditional post offices into the proven agency format, ongoing for some years now, is expected to continue at the same pace as today. It will avoid closing post offices without replacing them, and will provide alternative solutions in all cases. Swiss Post is examining appropriate solutions to counter customer feedback regarding a lack of cash payment options at postal agencies. Swiss Post also wants to continuously expand services offered to business customers.

Serious commitment to staff

Swiss Post takes its social responsibility seriously and is looking for suitable solutions for the employees affected by the conversions. The stated goal is to continue to avoid redundancies. Swiss Post maintains active dialogue with its social partners and, as usual, strives to achieve constructive solutions.

Source: Swiss Post

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