Interview with the Chairman, Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville

Congratulations Jean-Paul on being elected Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board for the third mandate. PostEurop has been a Member-driven organisation and therefore, the governance of the Management Board is pivotal to the current and future development of the Association. Our members have come to know and understand the value of being a part of this community. Under your leadership over the years there has been a number of initiatives for the good of the industry.

Looking forward, we would like to ask you :

How do you feel having been elected as Chairman for your third mandate?

I am very happy,  proud and grateful for this token of trust. I want to thank all the members of PostEurop for having made the re-election possible during the Yerevan Plenary. I would also like to thank the newly elected Management Board for having expressed their wish to have me continue with this chairmanship, which is close to my heart.

In your opinion, and based on your past experience what does it take to be the Chairman of PostEurop?

Would you believe me if I told you that this is often like performing a balancing act?! My primary task is to facilitate and coordinate the work of the Management Board. A balance must be reached among the different sensitivities expressed there. It is also necessary, together with the Board, to ensure the proper functioning of the Association’s bodies that are constantly working in a member driven-based spirit. Finally, there is the representation role that I share in a very harmonious way with the Secretary General.

Can you share with us some of your key achievements from your last mandate?  What are you most proud of in your last mandate?

During my 6 years of mandate, our association has grown in serenity, visibility and professionalism. This is a collective achievement. We have had to face diversity issues of an unprecedented level, and we have dealt with them effectively. The best evidence of this is what has been achieved in the field of cross-border parcels exchanges and integration of the logistics chain with its customs, security and operational interconnection aspects. At the same time, we have also strengthened cooperation the benefit of our members outside the European Union. Finally, we have not forgotten that we are a restricted union of the universal Postal Union (UPU) and we have strengthened our positions, particularly during the 2016 Istanbul Congress, in a spirit of cooperation with the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP), for which I am particularly proud of.

What are your personal goals for the next mandate?

My wish is to continue and keep on strengthening, the spirit of unity of our association. It is a wonderful tool for the benefit of its members. We are all going through a difficult period, but we will continue to defend printed medium, through campaign such as “Keep Me Posted EU” or “Print Power”, while helping e-commerce development in a very competitive market which does not need to be regulated, and we will continue to stimulate innovation within the sector.  Listening to the Management Board and the members of our association is part of the process.

What would be your top advice for Members on the new Management Board? 

I would ask them to keep the team spirit that has prevailed over the last two mandates. With the Board Vice-Chair, Jan Sertons, we are open to any differences, and we look for solidarity when decisions are taken - fortunately enough, mostly by consensus.

Are there thoughts that you would you like to share with the Members?

As we move forward, I would like to encourage all Members of PostEurop to make full use of the tools that are available to them.  Meetings can be costly in terms of time and money. However, they often have a very positive return on investment, in terms of exchange of information or experiences and can facilitate useful decision-making.  For this, we remain committed.


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