Omniva will invest over 20 million euros in the parcel machine network

Over the next five years, Omniva is going to invest more than 20 million euros in the expansion of its parcel machine network, in order to make it more convenient to receive parcels in smaller settlements as well.

Last week, Omniva announced an international parcel machine procurement, the value of which is approximately 20 million euros. The goal of the investment, which is planned for five years, is to install new parcel machines in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and thereby significantly expand the parcel machine network of the company, which already is the biggest in the Baltics.

According to Omniva Board Member Ansi Arumeel,  the development of the Baltic parcels business has been turbulent. “As e-commerce is international and global, increasingly more business customers see the Baltics as a single integral market. Customers expect a parcels service that covers all Baltic countries,” said Arumeel. 
In his words, the aim of this investment is to bring parcel machines as close to people as they want in the entire Baltic region. 

“Plans for the procurement include purchasing different types of parcel machines for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in order to secure our position as a market leader in the Baltics,” explained Arumeel. “This will make our services accessible both in cities and smaller settlements in rural areas.” 

According to Arumeel, an investment like this makes it possible to meet the clients’ expectation to get hold of their packages as quickly as possible, regardless of their location and time of day. “All trends and studies conducted in the parcel industry indicate that the parcel machine service is the preferred channel of sending and receiving packages.
Thanks to the extensive network, we will soon be able to deliver all packages to parcel machines that are close to the recipients homes,” said Arumeel.

By the end of this year, with 277 machines and combining almost 33,000 parcel boxes, Omniva will have the largest parcel machine network in the Baltics. The parcel machine network of the company grew by more than a third this year. In the coming years, the expansion is going to be even more rapid. 

Next year, Omniva is going to make its parcel machine network accessible for other partners in the Baltics, in order to further stimulate the development of e-commerce. The expansion of the network and allowing other partners to use it as well is another step made in the direction of providing a simpler parcel service to clients.

AS Eesti Post is an international group that offers postal, logistics, and information logistics services. The group comprises AS Eesti Post as the parent company, AS Maksekeskus, UAB Omniva LT in Lithuania and SIA Omniva in Latvia as subsidiaries, and the affiliated company Post11. The principal activity of the parent company is the provision of postal, logistics, and information logistics services, as well as the management of e-invoices (Omniva invoice management). The principal activity of SIA Omniva and UAB Omniva LT is the provision of parcel machine and courier services on the Latvian and Lithuanian markets. AS Maksekeskus operates in the provision of payment solutions to online trade companies in the Baltics. Post11 provides online traders holistic international logistics solutions to deliver goods all over the world.

AS Eesti Post is a 100% state-owned company in the area of government of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Source: Omniva

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