Lietuvos Pastas, Royal Mail and CTT Awarded the PostEurop 2016 CSR "Coups de Coeur"

PostEurop proudly announced the winners of the 2016 "CSR Coups de Cœur" awards during its Plenary Assembly on 9 November 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.

Brussels, 10 November

The awards once again highlighted the best practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amongst European Postal Operators in the areas of Employee, Society and Environment.

The “Coup de Coeur” for Employee was awarded to Lietuvos Pastas for their “Lithuania Post – is you” programme. 

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Public Health Service, the programme help evaluate and educate employees about healthy eating, active lifestyles and exercising in the workplace. Tadas Valancius, head of communication, received this award on behalf of Lietuvos paštas. CEO, Ms Lina Minderiene believes that “happy employees, who not only feel safe but also cared for, create success for any company. Demographic and social challenges dictate us to take greater responsibility for our employees' lifestyle. Complex measures, advising and workshops that help adopt a lifestyle, diet and hobbies that would be beneficial to health - represent as many solutions as to develop a healthy team. We are proud to have created a successful wellness programme and to foster its continuity.” 

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Royal Mail was awarded the "Coup de Coeur” for Society in recognition of their efforts in “Supporting communities with the charity Missing People.”

David Barnes, European Policy Manager received the award on behalf of Royal Mail. The programme uses its wide network of postmen and women enabling rapid distribution of missing people alerts which reaches thousands of people across the UK in an hour. "We are really proud that our partnership with Missing People has been recognised with the Coups de Coeur Award. Our business is connected to every community in the UK, delivering to 29 million addresses, six days a week. We are in a unique position to help in the search for missing people. We look forward to continuing to use our unique position to support this important service and reunite families with their missing loved ones." said Gary Grange, Royal Mail’s Community Investment Manager. 

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Finally, the “Coup de Coeur” for Environment was awarded to CTT for their program “A tree for the forest.”

This pioneering initiative succeeded in mobilising the Portuguese citizen to help contribute and plant new trees replacing those which had perished during fires. João Caboz Santana, International Director who proudly accepted the award on behalf of CTT stated “Climate change is a big concern for CTT, and the planting of native trees can decrease significantly the event of forest fires, thus reducing CO2 emissions. This campaign proved also to be a highly successful awareness raising initiative among the population.”

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Humanitarian recognition for Refugees support

In addition to the yearly awards, the CSR committee of judges have decided to recognise three postal operators for their exemplary dedication and commitment to welcome and support refugees. Therefore, the common “Special Mention” awards will go to Cyprus Post for its humanitarian collection initiative for the refugee children in Greece, ELTA for its contribution to accompany refugees during their stay in Greece and Deutsche Post DHL for its programme for integrating immigrants in Germany.

Several external experts with experience in CSR participated to the final jury for the selection of the 2016 Coups de Coeur. Like in 2015, the exchanges among the jury were intensive in view of the high interest of the different nominated practices .

Congratulations to all the winners.


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