Poczta Polska introduces new weight categories for parcels

Those most commonly chosen by customers will be even cheaper. PACZKA 48 (PARCEL 48) with the "POS Pickup" option up to 0.5 kg will cost PLN 8.50.

Poczta Polska has prepared a new price offer for parcels. Parcels weighing up to 2 kg will be even cheaper than before.
Two weight categories are introduced: up to 2 kg and from 2 to 5 kg instead of parcel weighing between 0 and 5 kg. Additionally, Poczta Polska offers an attractive price of shipment of parcels up to 0.5 kg. The changed Poczta Polska prices will enter into force on October 1. Please find details on the Poczta Polska website:

"Polish citizens usually send light parcels, and most products bought on the Internet also do not weigh much. In order to meet the customers' expectations we decided to make our offer even more flexible. Sending a parcel weighing 0.5 kilo will now cost only PLN 8.50. We want our customers to pay for what they really send, not for the air" says Paweł Kopeć, the Sales Managing Director.

The changes of Poczta Polska prices are a major convenience for entrepreneurs from the e-commerce sector. Convenient delivery options are one of the main criteria considered by the customers shopping online. Apart from traditional delivery of parcels, Poczta Polska also offers POS pickup, i.e. the possibility to collect deliveries at selected post offices and PKN ORLEN petrol stations.

Customers can choose from among 5,100 pickup locations, almost 20% of which are open 24 hours a day.

Customers can also use eNadawca (eSender) application for creating shipments online, printing labels, tracking shipments and integration with Allegro account.

Poczta Polska develops the Silk Route 

Poczta Polska has also broadened its offer of international shipping. Using the GLOBAL Express service, you can send parcels to as much as 40 countries, including China from October. Recently we have also introduced the possibility to ship to Malaysia, Serbia, Greece, Norway and Cyprus. Shipments are tracked along the entire route. The customer receives a text message or email with an adequate notification as soon as the shipment reaches the selected POS. It is an interesting solution not only for those sending packages to their families, but most of all for entrepreneurs who work with international customers.

Source: Poczta Polska

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