Omniva installs 30 new parcel machines in Latvia in light of growing number of e-shoppers

The Baltic logistics company doubled the initial number of new parcel machines in Latvia, thus expanding its network in 2016 by 54% in Latvia and 35% in the whole Baltics.

Initially, the company planned to install 15 parcel machines in Latvia within 2016, but recently decided to expand more rapidly and double it. The installation will begin in late September - both in Riga and regions all over Latvia.


In August 2016 Omniva Latvian branch surpassed the full year turnover of 2015, meaning that in little more than eight months it achieved last years business results. While the greatest proportion of parcels consists of business customers (companies, various online stores), then recent months show a rapid increase in the number of individual shipments. That is why private customer shipments are soon expected to reach 50% of the total shipments in Latvia.


As a result of the forthcoming addition, Omniva expands its parcel machine network this year more than 35% in the Baltics by adding 20 new machines in Estonia, 22 in Lithuania and 30 in Latvia. Already last year the biggest parcel machine network will get 72 additional parcel machines.


With a total number of over 28 000 parcel lockers Omniva has established the biggest parcel machine network in the Baltics. “We already have the biggest parcel machine network in the Baltics, yet we are surely going to expand it even further in all the Baltic states,” promised Ansi Arumeel, member of Omniva’s management board.


Arumeel told that since e-commerce is international and global, then more and more business clients are seeing the Baltics as one connected market, which ought to have one all-reaching parcel service as well. “Our customers are increasingly asking for the parcel solution to be available in the whole of the Baltics and it is our goal to take the service as close to our customers as possible,” explained Arumeel.


Eurostat statistics show that the proportion of e-shoppers is growing steadily, with the biggest increase among young people. E-commerce picked up over the 2007-2015 period among all age groups, with individuals aged 16-24 showing the biggest increase (24 percentage points). 38% of Latvian, 59% of Estonian and 32% Lithuanian internet users shopped online in 2015 and the number promises to grow every year.


Arumeel confirms that Omniva’s operations in the Baltics are advancing rapidly. “Few years ago we decided to treat the Baltics as an integral market. As a result only Omniva is currently able to provide such comprehensive parcel service solution that covers all Baltic countries,” said Arumeel.


Next year Omniva is planning to open their parcel machine network to other partners to encourage already rapid development of e-commerce. “Altough opening our parcel machine network to our partners might seem as we are giving away our competitive advantage, then we rather believe in constructive cooperation than in building separate competitive infrastructure. That is why we decided to take the first step towards this cooperation.


Omniva is an international group that offers postal, logistics and information logistics services. Its revenue of the first half-year in all three Baltic countries totaled 42.18 million euros, which is roughly 24% more than last year at the time.


The group comprises of AS Eesti Post as the parent company, AS Maksekeskus, Lithuania’s UAB Omniva LT and Latvia’s SIA Omniva as the subsidiaries and the affiliated company Post11. The parent company’s principal activity is the provision of postal, logistics and information logistics services and the management of e-invoices. SIA Omniva’s and UAB Omniva LT’s principal activity is the provision of parcel machine and courier services on the Latvian and Lithuanian markets. Omniva employs over 2400 employees throughout the Baltics.


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