Management Board Decision to postpone the PostEurop Plenary Assembly

Message sent to all official Members contacts on behalf of Botond SZEBENY, Secretary General

Dear Members,

On behalf of Botond Szebeny, we would like to thank those Members who have responded to the consultation on the next 2016 PostEurop Plenary Assembly venue.
After having analysed the 49 responses received, the Board decided to postpone the PostEurop Plenary Assembly and hold it after the UPU Congress in another venue and on another date.

The main reason for this decision is that based on the answers received to the second question (= If the PE Plenary Assembly is held as initially planned on 20 September 2016 in Istanbul, would you participate?), there is a significant uncertainty to secure the quorum necessary for the proper organisation of the MB elections.

Further to this decision, we would like to inform you that the new date and venue of the Plenary Assembly will be communicated to you at the soonest possible.
The Management Board has also agreed, together with the UAC Chair, Mr Aimé Theubet, to organise during the slot initially allocated to the Plenary in Istanbul on 20 September,  a PostEurop networking session. This would serve the purpose of ensuring the information exchange of the delegates on the main UPU issues at stake, including the most recent pre-Congress developments. It would obviously also be a “get-together” opportunity for the European posts present before the Congress starts.

For building a wider European platform, it is intended to invite the CERP delegates as well.   Details on this will be shared with you in the coming days.
We remain at your disposal should you have any further questions concerning this matter.

Best Regards,

Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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