Organisational Announcement

We would like to bring to your attention several changes within the PostEurop organisation.

UPU & Restricted Union Affairs Committee

Last April, PostEurop welcomed the appointment of Małgorzata Alama from Poczta Polska as the Chair of the Letter Working Group.  Małgorzata took over from Cinzia Neri who has joined PRIME.

A graduate from the Warsaw University of Technology, Małgorzata has been with Pozcta Polska for more than 25 years dealing with matters related to international postal traffic. She has actively participated in the works of the Universal Postal Union since 1988, from groups activities to congresses.  She held the position of Vice-Chair of the Committee 1 “letters” of the Postal Operations Council (POC) from 2008 till 2012. Today, Małgorzata manages a 10 person International Operations team at the Polish Post headquarters responsible for managing international services including letters, parcels and EMS items, and the settlements of accounts.



Operational Activities Circle

The recent Management Board approved the future appointment of Björn Arni from SwissPost as Chair of the Remuneration Forum (previously known as the Terminal Dues Forum).

Björn is the Senior Advisor on UPU (PostEurop & IPC) matters for Swiss Post.  Born in Bern, Switzerland, Björn graduated from the University of Bern with a Master in Business and Economics and has also had training in international negotiations.  Björn begun working at the Swiss Post International department in 1997 and has held several positions over the years.  He started as a Product Controller for EMS and afterwards became the Director of Terminal Dues for seven years, before he took on his current position.  Björn has had the opportunity to chair different project teams within the UPU.  Some in the field of Terminal Dues, some in other related areas.  He has been an active member of the PostEurop Terminal Dues Forum since the year 2000.  In addition, his role as Assistant to the Chair of the UPU POC Letter Post Committee has given him insights over the entire postal chain.  Björn is prepared to take on his new responsibilities as Chair of the PostEurop Remuneration Forum from Sissel-Ellen Bakkeby from Posten Norge as of 1 January 2017. 

Changes to Working Group

In addition, please take note that the names of the following working groups under the Operational Activities Circle (OAC) have been changed to better reflect their work:  the Advanced Electronic Solutions Forum is now known as the Innovation Forum and the Terminal Dues Forum is now called the Remuneration Forum.

Lastly, the Data Protection Working Group under the European Union Affairs Committee (EAC) will switch to a monitoring activity as of July 2016 due to the completion of its mission.  PostNL will continue to lead this activity. 

Getting Involved

Should you or your postal organisation wish to participate in any of the activities or even run for Chair/Vice-Chair please do not hesitate to contact me.

On behalf of all our Members, we would like welcome both Björn and Małgorzata in their new roles, thank Sissel on the continuous leadership of the Remuneration Forum and Cinzia for her contributions to the Letters Working Group.

Download here the latest PostEurop Organisational Chart EN/FR

Best Regards,

Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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