Ukrposhta - The Development Strategy Plan until 2020 was approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The expert group of Ukrposhta under the direction of the leader of the company Igor Tkachuk developed a strategic progress plan for “Ukrposhta” till 2020 on their own, without the involvement of external consultants.

The document was positively evaluated by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and approved by the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian.

“This strategy identifies the priority areas of reforming the company, shows the fastest way to achieve goals, creates requirements for the development of infrastructure enterprises, underlines the importance of using IT systems and improving of industrial processes, and also contains offers for regulatory policy of postal services, – said the head of Ukrposhta Igor Tkachuk . – Implementation of our strategic plan will allow the company to move to the goal – to ensure the company’s sustainable development and to take a leading position in the postal and financial services market.”

This strategy envisages an improvement of management, including the termination of corporatization, introduction of macro-regions, and building of vertically integrated model with the release of certain business units in different areas and passing to the divisional management structure.

In the context of the development of IT technologies was planned to automate all the workplaces, to create a single centralized platform of integrated business management and production processes, to inject the e-commerce «Marketplace», to develop our own mobile application “mWallet”.

Some blocks of Ukrposhta’s strategic plan is devoted to reforming of the financial services, logistics and network optimization process, reforming of human resources, improving the system of sales. The development of Infrastructure involves the construction and organization of automated sorting centers of mail; creates our own fulfilment centers, logistics warehouses, which include such basic operations as receipt of goods, possession, acquisition, packaging, delivery, service. Moreover we expect to update and to optimize our autopark, to implement the Programme of energy saving and so on.

Source: Ukrposhta

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