Jersey Post makes investment in parcel automation

Jersey Post has completed the latest phase of its plan to modernise and improve postal operations, with the recent investment in bespoke automated parcel sorting equipment at its Rue des Pres headquarters in Jersey.

The project was delivered by Bowe Systec UK who previously worked with the company in the successful delivery of the high performance Bowe Systec – Simex Letter Sorter in 2014.

Responding to changing market dynamics within the postal sector through the increase in internet shopping and the projected growth in packet and parcels volumes, Jersey Post recognised the need to invest in automation to improve operational capacity, operational efficiencies and enhance the overall customer experience through their ability to automate the processing of items across the whole mail spectrum from a postcard to a parcel as part of this project.

As part of the selection process a number of technologies and suppliers were considered resulting in discussions being held with four potential suppliers as part of the scoping exercise, prior to the contract award.

The solution provided by Bowe Systec – Simex Packet Sorter met Jersey Post’s exacting brief in that the system had to deliver key operational and financial business benefits as well as fit within the tight operational footprint at the Rue des Pres Mail Centre, yet be flexible enough to meet future business needs.

The primary function of the Simex Packet Sorter is to process parcels up to 20kg, however added advantage of the Simex Packet Sorter is the broad processing capability that also allows Jersey Post to utilise the sorter to process packets and large letters in order to maximise the investment.

The Bowe Systec Simex Packet Sorter is an integrated solution provided by Bowe Systec consisting of push tray sorter hardware supplied by Optimus Sorters – Holland and OCR software supplied by Planet – Germany with Bowe Systec’s BoweSort provides Jersey Post with a single interface controlling the Sorter and dynamic data reporting in the form of confirmation scans to Jersey Post partners, generate billing and weight data for internal and external purposes.

Key features of the Simex Packet Sorter is the system’s ability to sort all mail formats up to parcel size and 20kg in weight, in line weighing, volumising of items, barcode and OCR reading including hand writing recognition, split chute design enabling items to be sorted to Walks and Van Rounds simultaneously based on specified criteria at speeds of up to 5,500 per hour and a noise level of less than <70db.

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Source: Jersey Post

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