LP EXPRESS Couriers Enter Pharmaceutical Logistics Market

Transportation of medicine and other pharmaceutical preparations has been gradually taken over by courier services.

Using vehicles with installed modern temperature maintenance and control  technologies, LP EXPRESS couriers can ensure qualitative and meeting the highest requirements and international standards delivery of items containing pharmaceutical products.

“We are one of the first courier services providing companies in Lithuania that started transportation of pharmaceutical products in accordance with strict requirements established by both the European Union and Lithuanian legislation. So far pharmaceutical preparations have been transported only by companies operating in the pharmaceutical logistics field, providing special conditions for certain temperature maintenance; however, from now on LP EXPRESS couriers can meet the needs of companies producing medicine as well, i. e.  to guarantee that transported pharmaceuticals are protected from the ambient temperature fluctuations”, Juozas Buitkus – the Head of Lithuania Post subsidiary Baltic Post, which operates the LP EXPRESS couriers activity, said.

According to the guidelines on proper distribution of medicinal products updated by European Commission, transporters carrying pharmaceutical preparations must ensure the definite temperature regime, in order to protect the chemical and biological active substances in the medicine. “Temperature fluctuations, which are especially strong in winter or summer, damage pharmaceutical products. Improperly transported medications get damaged and become a hazard to human health. Having the modern temperature control and maintenance equipment installed in our vehicles, we can ensure from +2 to + degrees Celsius temperature, which is necessary not only to maintain the appropriate transport conditions of medications, but also of other temperature-sensitive products, e. g. cosmetics. The temperature regime will be guaranteed throughout all the logistics chain: from the collection and distribution of items, to their delivery”, Mr. Buitkus said.

Independent experts guarantee that LP EXPRESS vehicles, which transport temperature-sensitive consignments, are in compliance with international quality standards.

It is foreseen that the modern temperature control systems will be installed in 100 vehicles. In total, LP EXPRESS couriers will be able to transport approximately 400 tones of pharmaceutical preparations per month.

LP EXPRESS is the only brand in Lithuania offering such a wide choice of delivery options. Items can be sent via LP EXPRESS couriers, via the self-service parcel terminals LP EXPRESS, or at any post office out of 700.

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