HayPost Hosts the First European Postal Operators Assembly in the Caucasus Region

On 19-21 April, HayPost, the National Postal Operator of the Republic of Armenia, will host the first PostEurop Plenary Assembly in the region.

The three-day event aims to bring together over 52 European postal operators, CEOs and dignitaries from the Universal Postal Union to reflect on key issues, challenges as well as opportunities of the postal world in light of the swiftly evolving technologies, innovation and digital trends.  PostEurop Plenary Assembly is an effective collaborative platform for Europe’s postal decision-makers to exchange best practices and insights on the priorities of the postal industry, unlock new opportunities and growth drivers for innovation and success, and discuss top case studies in the areas of electronic postal correspondence, e-commerce delivery, e-government services, client and stakeholder relations.

A major highlight in the postal sector, the Plenary Assembly brings high-level postal executives such as Director-General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar Hussein, Deputy Director General of the UPU's International Bureau Pascal Clivaz, Chairman of PostEurop Management Board Jean-Paul Forceville, Secretary General at PostEurop Botond Szebeny as well as postal CEOs to Yerevan.

The event features a dynamic plenary sessions followed by a postal business forum with international expert speakers and moderators to generate vibrant exchanges during which postal operators will discuss the challenges of the postal world, decide on postal strategic direction and offer roadmaps to creating a more advanced and sustainable industry before the 26th Universal Postal Congress in September, 2016.

As the host of this year’s plenary in Armenia, Chairman of the Board and Trust Manager of HayPost Juan Pablo Gechidjian said, “We are honored to host the first PostEurop Plenary Assembly in the Caucasus region. It is a distinctive hub between East and West for sharing knowledge and enhancing cooperation mechanisms, essential for forging a more accessible and sustainable postal environment. PostEurop and Universal Postal Union’s experience is vital for HayPost in terms of increasing the efficiency of mail operations, diversifying the Postal Financial Services portfolio and developing e-commerce based on the world’s best practices. I welcome my colleagues to Yerevan.”

“It is a historical moment for PostEurop and our distinguished members to be here in Armenia.   We are extremely pleased with the progress and development made by HayPost to date as the national postal operator for Armenia.  We are confident that the on-going cooperation with international postal operators and owners of main logistics players will further enable them to forge the right relationship and grow their service offering such as e-commerce and e-government services” Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board.

About PostEurop
PostEurop is the association, which represents European public postal operators. It is committed to supporting and developing a sustainable and competitive European postal communication market accessible to all customers and ensuring a modern and affordable universal service. The members of PostEurop represent 2.1 million employees across Europe and service up to 800 million customers daily through over 175,000 counters.

About HayPost
HayPost CJSC is the National Postal Operator of the Republic of Armenia, which provides postal, financial and retail services. HayPost currently operates through 800+ of its postal offices across Armenia, from urban to the most remote rural regions. It offers innovative solutions such as the online shopping portal with easy shipping and delivery from any USA online shopping website.

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