Omniva grew during 2015 in international business and logistics

During 2015, Omniva’s revenue increased by 26% and its net profit by 10% compared to the previous year.

The growth was based on logistics and international business, launching an international transit business, establishing the joint enterprise Post11 with China and the continuous development of the largest parcel machine network in the Baltics.

The group’s total revenue in 2015 was 75.6 million euros, having increased by 26% compared to 2014. The increase in revenue was most influenced by growth in international business and volume of logistics services. The group’s net profit in 2015 was 1 460 thousand euros – 10% more than in 2014. The group’s EBITDA was 6 107 thousand euros, having increased by 10% in a year.

The group’s investments also increased in 2015 and reached 6 462 thousand euros (5 683 thousand euros in 2014). The most important part comprised of investments in technology: in order to promote the growing areas of logistics and parcels, new means of transport and parcel machines were purchased.

International business from the Baltics to China

In 2015, the affiliated company Post11 was established in cooperation with the leading Chinese courier company S.F. Express; Post11 provides online traders holistic international logistics solutions to deliver goods all over the world. 

“Online trade is increasing globally and the markets are consolidating, thus, a strategic partnership with a leading company in China – one of the most important online trade countries – is extremely important,” Omniva’s Chairman of the Board Aavo Kärmas says.

The increase in the volume of logistics services in the Baltic countries was also influenced by the increase in online trade and the expansion of the parcel machine network. Compared to 2014, the sales revenue of parcel machines increased by 62% and the sales revenue of the parcels business by 11% in the Baltics.

“Omniva’s 205 parcel machines make up the largest parcel machine network in the Baltics and we intend to continue its development in 2016. We will also continue our expansion in logistics by introducing renewed services in order to further increase the company’s competitiveness,” Kärmas adds.  

Source: Omniva

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