Peak season at PostNL

1 in 7 households receives parcels from Sinterklaas

PostNL is one of Sinterklaas’s main helpers in the days and weeks leading up to ‘pakjesavond’. Webshops and mail sorting centres are running at full speed: during the peak season, PostNL delivers 1 million parcels a day to 1 in 7 Dutch households. The 3,100 parcel delivery drivers do everything they can to get the parcels delivered on time, so that everyone can enjoy a lovely Sinterklaas evening worry-free. During the busiest days*:

  1. PostNL delivers parcels to 1 in 7 households;
  2. a total of more than a million parcels are sorted in 19 sorting centres;
  3. PostNL delivers 50% more parcels than it would on a normal delivery day;
  4. 500 extra parcel delivery drivers work for PostNL each day.

Gerrit Mastenbroek, PostNL Benelux Parcels & Logistics Director: “The days leading up to Sinterklaas and the month of December are the peak season at the sorting centres. This is the time to let your family and friends know you’re thinking of them. I am proud that we, as Sinterklaas’s helpers, can get all the parcels delivered. Some webshops even offer same day delivery. Which is handy if you need a present at the last minute.”

Delivery whenever and wherever you want

Sinterklaas is doing more and more of his shopping online. Instead of travelling all around the country looking for gifts, Sinterklaas prefers the ease and convenience of online shopping. Sinterklaas opts to have the gifts for ‘pakjesavond’ delivered at home, at a pre-selected time. We can deliver at a pre-selected time from Monday to Friday until 9:30pm. PostNL also delivers parcels in the weekend. It is now easier for consumers to have their parcels delivered elsewhere: to one of our 2,600 PostNL locations, or to a Parcel Locker at one of the major Dutch train stations and Schiphol Plaza.

Busiest days*: the busiest delivery days are mostly Tuesdays. This is the result of the online orders that consumers made during the weekend.

Source: PostNL

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