Second edition of the PostEurop CSR "Coups de Coeur"

PostEurop announced the second "CSR Coups de Cœur" awards during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly on 14 October 2015 in Cyprus. The awards once again highlighted the best practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility amongst European Postal Operators in the following areas of CSR: Employee, Society and Environment.

In the Employee category, PostEurop awarded Hellenic Post - ELTA S.A. for their “Identifying and dealing with conflicts and burnout” programme. Mr. Savvas Dandolos, Chief Business Operations Officer received this award on behalf of ELTA. According to ELTA, “Investing in its Human Resources, Hellenic Post S.A. implements a pilot programme for its middle-line managers, aiming at raising their awareness in detecting, recognizing and dealing with work-related stress factors, conflicts and burnout. To do so Hellenic Post S.A. relies on the skills of its Vocational Training Centre (KEK ELTA S.A.) and a team of external experts.” See video... 

Posti was awarded the "Coup de Coeur” for Society with Riitta Vuorenmaa, Vice President for International Relations receiving the award for this category on behalf of Posti. The company's programme entitled “Home care support services for municipalities” has been crucial in helping and linking elderly communities throughout isolated areas in Finland. “Posti is honoured to receive this recognition. The need for home care services, such as meal deliveries, is constantly growing as the population is ageing. We utilise the synergies from our nationwide distribution network to offer flexible solutions for municipalities while at the same time helping the elderly in their daily chores,” explained Jukka Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Posti’s Logistics and Parcel services. See video...

Finally the “Coup de Coeur” for Environment was awarded to Swiss Post for their program “A second lease of life for Swiss Post clothes”. “The programme has allowed Swiss Post to close the cycle by offering a sustainable solution for our ‘end-of-life’ work clothes and in addition it ensured that production was according to ethical standards” stated Mr. Christoph Meyer, Expert of International Regulation, who proudly accepted the award on behalf of Swiss Post. See video...

(From Left to Right: Jean-Paul Forceville, Nathalie Ganzel, Christoph Meyer, Riitta Vuorenmaa, Savvas Dandolos and Dominuque Bailly)

The “Coup de Coeur” awards were the result of a rich and diversified collection of CSR best practices in the third edition of PostEurop's CSR Brochure, which allows PostEurop Members to share up to 48 initiatives. Once again this publication showed that Postal Operators are investing time and energy in Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to continue the improvement and development of the industry, as well as to provide a better working environment for all their workers and quality services for their customers. 

Several external experts with experience in CSR participated to the final jury for the selection of the 2015 Coup de Coeur. Here are some words from two of our participating expert judges:

“The 2015 Coups de Cœur of PostEurop demonstrated the vitality and creativity of the postal sector on CSR-related issues. The leadership of the European postal operators will certainly steer the rest of the postal sector on the path towards sustainability” said Anne-Claire Blet, UPU, Sustainable development specialist.

“Good examples are important and competition is fun. Sustainability is a great topic and the shared good practices really showed the way towards success. It was very difficult to select the best examples and our different priorities and perceptions of sustainability generated really interesting discussions. But in the end this selection process is all about raising awareness and being proud of the projects’ outcome” concluded Eva Stenström - EKSN Consulting AB.

Congratulations to all the winners.


For more information and to obtain a copy of the CSR brochure, please contact:

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