Organisational Announcement

We are pleased to announce the following recent appointments.

Operations Activities Circle

Two Vice-Chairs of the Quality of Service Working Group, Ms. Natalia Efremova and Mr. Marko Grden were appointed following the 99th Management Board meeting.

Natalia is the Chief Specialist of International postal items department of Logistics Unit in FSUE “Russian Post” specialising in international operational and quality processes on EMS, CP and LC. Prior to that, Natalia managed the international relations and agreements from 2012 till 2014.  She has been actively involved in the majority of Russian Post international projects, relations with IPA and working in cooperation with UPU and IPC. She is in charge of the implementation of EDI and ITMATT projects, and works closely with international applications such as GCSS, Cape Vision, QCS, STORM, fully responsible for international operational processes, OEs, reports and quality performance. Born in May 1983, she graduated in linguistics and intercultural communication in 2004, and she is fluent in Russian and English.

Marko began his professional career at Pošta Slovenije in 1993. He has been actively involved in the majority of Pošta Slovenije‘s international projects, involving cooperation both with public and private postal operators. Working in cooperation with UPU, he was in charge of the implementation of computerized procedures at the Exchange Office for international mail flows as Deputy Head of the Exchange Office. As a nominated Project Manager, he was responsible for conducting a series of internal staff trainings regarding the express mail acceptance procedures from the clients. He currently works as Adviser in International Mail and has been involved in setting the operational standards for EMS and namely EPG, where he has been active since the end of 2005, when Pošta Slovenije joined the EPG group. He actively participates in the Interconnect Programme dealing mostly with returns, end-to-end transit times and pricing issues.  Born in August 1972, Marko graduated from the Vocational college of Postal Traffic and Telecommunications and has a BSc degree from the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana.  He is currently finishing his master‘s degree studies in International Business Management.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Circle

Mr. Richard Sandjivy from Le Groupe La Poste has been appointed as the new Chair of the Environment Working Group, taking over from the long-standing chair of Ms. Stéphanie Scouppe also from Le Groupe La Poste. 

Richard Sandjivy has been  part of the Groupe La Poste since 2000 in different branches as Division Manager, bringing his expertise in management, quality, diversity, ethic and sustainable development. His international background (French, Vietnamese and English) gave him the opportunity to work with multicultural teams. Since 2009, Richard Sandjivy manages the Ethic, Quality, Sustainable Development and Renewable Energies projects.  He also advices international subsidiaries on obtaining CSR / Quality Certificates (ISO 9001, 18001, Diversity, guide inaptitude, etc.).  Prior to the post, Richard has worked for Fichet-Bauche, A.F.P., SMT-Goupil and CAP-SESA.

On behalf of all Members, we would like to welcome Natalia, Marko and Richard in their new roles.

Best Regards,

Botond Szebeny
PostEurop Secretary General

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