European Postal Operators support the Digital Single Market Strategy for the benefit of Consumers, Businesses and Society

PostEurop welcomes the European Commission's Communication "A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe" published on 6 May 2015, and will continue to support the Commission in its endeavours to remove obstacles of cross-border online transactions. Contributing to the growth of e-commerce is an important part of the business strategy for postal operators. They have taken up market challenges and are strongly investing in infrastructure, services and solutions. PostEurop is confident that the European Commission will continue to trust postal operators in their ability to provide innovative and affordable solutions for cross-border parcel delivery. Therefore, PostEurop welcomes the pursuit of a collaborative approach in order to co-build the future parcel delivery economy.

Combined Forces and Commitment

The two-year self-regulation exercise that will end in June this year has proven the willingness of National Postal Operators across Europe to address challenges linked to the digitalisation of the economy affecting their activity. They have joined forces in a European-wide Industry Initiative committing themselves to implement concrete measures with the aim of further improving cross-border parcel delivery services and responding to the specific issues raised by the Commission's Green Paper on Parcel Delivery in 2012.  Today, consumers and SMEs can already benefit from the improvements made to the interoperability and quality of cross-border delivery. This includes more choices in the way goods are delivered, returned, track and trace solutions for lightweight parcels, harmonised label, as well as global customer service.   

In a recent meeting between European Postal CEOs, Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Bieńkowska, the Commission acknowledged the importance of this initiative.  Consensus was reached during the discussion, to continue the fruitful dialogue between the Postal Operators and Commission on the issues at stake. PostEurop appreciates that the Commission in its new strategy continues to follow a market-based approach and refrains from taking regulatory actions.

Affordable high-quality cross-border delivery

Postal Operators, organised under the umbrella of PostEurop, are committed to contribute to the further growth of "Affordable high-quality cross-border parcel delivery services" which represents an element of the first pillar of the DSM Strategy aiming at better online access for consumers and businesses across Europe. 

Looking at the measures envisaged by the Commission on price transparency and enhanced regulatory oversight, it will be essential to improve the mutual understanding on how the highly competitive market is structured and working.

Building on the results of the recent high level meeting, PostEurop warmly welcomes the Commission's willingness to continue its fruitful cooperation with the postal operators. PostEurop looks forward to further supporting the European Commission in its endeavours to promote the Digital Single Market for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the society at large.

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