PostEurop becomes an official partner of the European Campaign "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress"

PostEurop's members together employ 2 million employees and link 800 million citizens daily. As such, the postal sector has a strong impact on its employee and therefore, the well-being of postal employees remains a major concern for PostEurop members.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) circle is a dedicated activity area which supports fulfilment in various areas of CSR including Employee Health and Safety. The Leonardo Da Vinci project “Training Partnership for stress management in Posts” is on-going to benchmark the training best practices to help the middle management to deal with this important issue.

This is the reason why PostEurop has joined the European campaign led by the EU Agency for Health and Safety at work (EU-OSHA) on managing workplace stress. The campaign was launched in April 2014 and will feature a great number of events on national and European level around preventing stress at work and raising awareness for the benefits for both workers and employers.

On the campaign's website,, the issue of workplace stress is described and hands-on advice on managing stress is made available to employers, health and safety professionals and other organisations. The materials come in a wide variety of forms, featuring DVDs, online toolkits, guides and educational movies.

PostEurop becomes an official partner of the campaign to highlight the importance of stress management for all postal workers especially when faced with a rapidly changing environment fuelled by electronic substitution, growth in parcels, evolving customer needs and new technologies. 

“The partnership with EU-OSHA is a great opportunity to share the results of our Leonardo Da Vinci project dedicated to stress management. A lot of best practices have been identified within the postal sector. Thanks to the EU-OSHA campaign the exchange with other sector can be further integrated, bringing an important added value to the project” stated Mrs. Nathalie Ganzel, Vice-Chair of the PostEurop CSR Activity Circle.

PostEurop Members are already looking forward to participating in the upcoming campaign partner event, “Benchmarking and exchange of good practices in OSHA” to be held in Brussels on 5 & 6 March 2015.

"In an increasingly demanding environment – with rapid changes, transformation and evolution of the postal sector – we need active and innovative employees. Stress is becoming a crucial challenge which must be managed in an appropriate way. PostEurop’s goal is to promote employees’ health, motivation and ability to perform because this increases the productivity and in turn the quality of our services, while making an important contribution to customer, employee and stakeholder satisfaction. Therefore, we are happy to support EU-OSHA’s ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress’ campaign and promote it among our members” concludes Mr. Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General.


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