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Following the European Parliamentary Elections earlier this year, PostEurop successfully organised for the first time a welcome cocktail event hosted by Mrs. Karima Delli, a member of the Group of the Greens and member of the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee, on the evening of 3 December 2014 at the European Parliament. 

 The event was an opportunity for PostEurop and its members to deliver some valuable key messages impacting the European Postal industry, towards newly elected MEPs.  Present at the cocktail were 19 MEPs in person.  In addition, representatives of MEPs as well as participants from a number of permanent representations participated as well.  They were greeted by the host Mrs. Karima Delli, the Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board, Secretary General and members of the European Union Affairs Committee (EAC) representing all Member States as well as EEA countries.

 During her opening speech as host to the event, Mrs. Karima Delli underlined the important role in which the postal sector plays within the society and the economy of Europe.  She also reminded that postal operators must ensure the environmental aspects are taken into consideration when thinking about the future.

 PostEurop launched a new animated video which provided viewers with a global perspective of the European Postal industry today based on data received from its members.  The video is now publically available on PostEurop's youtube channelPostal operators want to remain a tool for growth In Europe.

Mr. Dirk Tirez, Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee gave participants insights into the EAC and their main activities.  He acknowledges that Members of the Parliament play an important role in defending the interest of the employees in the postal Industry and the millions of citizens who are using postal services and products daily.

 A short presentation on PostEurop as an association was given by Mr. Botond Szebeny, Secretary General sharing a quick overview on the organisation and activities beyond regulatory affairs, highlighting in particular the CSR and environment activities.

The entire PostEurop posta community is grateful to Mrs. Delli for the opportunity to organise the welcome cocktail evening and look forward to future collaborations with he MEPs.  As this was the first step towards building new as well as reinforcing preszent relationships, PostEurop membersare expected to communicate regularly with their MEPs.

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