European Postal Operators Committed to the Growth of E-Commerce

The European Commission has published its “Roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery – Build trust in delivery services and encourage online sales”. On this occasion, European postal operators confirm their commitment to promote e-commerce business in Europe. A postal industry initiative is already on its way to address challenges identified earlier on by the Commission.

PostEurop and its Members underline their commitment to promote e-commerce in Europe. On the occasion of the publication of the Commission’s “Roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery” Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of the PostEurop Management Board said, “The e-commerce market is very attractive and a great business opportunity for postal operators”. Together with its members, PostEurop will study in-depth the new Roadmap and continue the dialogue with the Commission.


31 European postal operators have joined forces and committed themselves towards the European Commission to accelerate developments and to strive for an EU-wide rollout of cross-border solutions. This Industry Initiative will enhance convenience for e-consumers, improve interoperability and ultimately provide better customer service, ensuring that e-consumers feel no difference between buying online domestically and from another country. Since June this year, global postal operators, with the support of International Post Corporation (IPC), are working on setting up a technical and operational platform for global cross-border e-commerce to respond to current market needs  and make the initiative a success. A cooperation agreement was signed between IPC and PostEurop at PostEurop's CEO Forum last September. 


"Over the last decade or so, the European postal industry has faced many challenges, evolved tremendously and has heavily invested in the future.  We understand the needs of the customers and offer an array of products and services through a comprehensive network.  Referring to the Commission reports, the industry is committed to work hard at removing any barriers which may hinder cross-border e-commerce.  However, these actions are technically challenging and will take time, significant efforts and substantial investments from the postal sector” said Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville.



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