PostEurop and Royal Mail triples donation raised for Prostate Cancer UK

PostEurop and Royal Mail matches the amount raised by the Royal Mail Bristol Choir (RMC) for Prostate Cancer UK during their performance last September at PostEurop’s 20th Anniversary gala evening to 2,614€.

Celebrating PostEurop’s 20th Anniversary this year, the association representing European postal operators invited the Royal Mail Choir to perform at its gala evening last September.

The Royal Mail Choir is made up of postmen and women, Delivery office, Mail Centre staff and managers from the Bristol and Bath area in the United Kingdom.  The choir was formed for a TV programme last year with choirmaster, Gareth Malone. The choir has continued to perform under the professional instruction of choirmaster David Ogden.  The choir has gained popularity by performing across the country, and internationally, in order to support Royal Mail’s Charity of the Year, Prostate Cancer UK.

Their surprise performance in the presence of fifty two European Postal Operators helped raise over 650€ from donations on the night. The amount raised was quickly matched by the Royal Mail Group and PostEurop respectively, bringing the total sum to 2,614€.  Royal Mail Group and its employees have so far raised around 1.45€ million (£1.2m) including matched funding, for Prostate Cancer UK since the charity partnership launched last year.

Royal Mail Group and its staff aim to raise at least 2.4€ million (£2m) for Prostate Cancer UK to fund specialist prostate cancer nurses. During 2012-13, Royal Mail raised enough money to fund 20 nurses.


Kay Stevenson, the Choir coordinator said “the RMC were honoured to be asked to perform at the 20th Anniversary of PostEurop. It was a very positive and enjoyable evening for us and a unique opportunity to promote the work we do for Prostate Cancer UK. We were particularly touched by the generosity of the PostEurop members, and I would like to thank you all for the support you showed us.”


“Over the years PostEurop has formed a strong network and at this special celebration European postal sector are reminded about our central role in society.  We are proud to be part of raising awareness for a special cause and honoured by the presence of the Royal Mail Choir”, said Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General.


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