Various Organisational Appointments

We are pleased to announce the following recent appointments: Ebbe Andersen as Vice-Chairperson of the Security and Customs Transversal, Giovanni Brardinoni, as Vice-Chair of the AES Forum and Jonathan Bemba as PostEurop Communication Intern.

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the following recent appointments:

Ebbe Andersen from PostNord has been appointed as the Vice-Chairperson of the Security and Customs Transversal.  Ebbe is Head of Security since 1982 for Post Danmark.  PostEurop Members are familiar with Ebbe’s leadership and involvement as Chairperson of the Crisis and Security Managers Working Group (previously the Crisis Management Network) since 2002 and his nineteen year term as Chairperson of the Dangerous Goods project team within the UPU.

The Advanced Electronic Forum (AES Forum) Working Group welcomes Giovanni Brardinoni, International Standards and Intellectual Property Rights Manager at Poste Italiane as its new Vice-Chair. Having begun his career at Poste Italiane in 1982, Giovanni is a visionary “evangelist” of innovation, who has played a major role in the most innovative technological projects in recent years in Poste Italiane.  Beyond Poste Italiane, Giovanni was a former Chairman of the Committee 4 “Standards and Technologies” in the last UPU - POC work cycle and he was recently appointed as Chairman of the Telematics Cooperative and Co-Chairman of the committee 4 “e-Services” for the current UPU - POC work cycle.  

Jonathan Bemba joined PostEurop in April 2013 as the Communication Intern supporting PostEurop's Communications Manager in implementing the Communication strategy.  From now till September, Jonathan will mainly provide support in developing and implementing the new PostEurop website and communication projects leading up to the Plenary Assembly in September.  Jonathan is a final student completing his Masters in Politics and Communication from the University of Versailles in Paris.  Jonathan is fluent in French and English.



Botond Szebeny

Secretary General

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