Delivery is
part of our DNA

PostEurop Members are committed to offering a sustainable, efficient and innovative postal service across the EU and beyond to support a stronger and competitive EU economy.

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Facilitating the single market

PostEurop Members are an engine of economic growth in the single market. They promote social inclusion by connecting different regions, consumers and producers, institutions and citizens. The Posts are trusted across Europe and are an essential factor for the EU economy – from rural areas through to sub-urban and urban areas.

We operate in all 28 EU countries

Manage 258 million delivery points

Account for 1% of the EU’s entire GDP

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Promoting Digital Europe

Postal operators are a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of the EU’s Digital Single Market. The EU acknowledged our sector’s contribution in its recent study which stated “dynamic growth in cross-border e-commerce was mainly facilitated by (…) the investments of parcel carriers” as the supply of domestic and cross-border delivery services has broadly improved over the past decade.

Employ 2 million people

Collect from 720,000 street postboxes

52 Postal Operators

Handle 60 billion items across Europe per year

49 countries and territories around Europe

Representing European Postal Operators since 1993

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Supporting sustainability

PostEurop Members are committed to environmental sustainability – including delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With the adoption of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) in 2015, IPC supported PostEurop Members and postal operators from other regions in conducting stakeholder research to identify which of the UN SDGs are most relevant for the global postal industry. They are:

Based on the sub-targets associated with the overall Goals, our industry will on five UN SDG-related priority areas to contribute to building a better world.

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