EUROPA Hall of Fame

Welcome to the EUROPA Hall of Fame dedicated to past winners of the EUROPA Stamp competition listed from the most recent.

Best EUROPA stamp 2018 - Online Competition

Best EUROPA stamp 2018 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition)


 Best EUROPA stamp 2017 - Online Competition

Best EUROPA stamp 2017 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition) 

EUROPA stamp 2016 - Joint Motiff - Think Green 

Best EUROPA stamp 2015 - Online Competition

Best EUROPA stamp 2015 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition) 

 Best EUROPA stamp 2014 - Online Competition

Best EUROPA stamp 2014 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition)

Best EUROPA stamp 2013 - Online Competition

Best EUROPA stamp 2013 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition)

 Best EUROPA stamp 2012

Postal Operator: Magyar Posta, Hungary
Theme: Visit
Description: The stamp is one of two stamps designed by Ágnes Rozmann, a Hungarian graphic artist. The main motif of the stamp is Hungary’s online country code ‘.HU’, which is filled with peppers and grapes.

 Best EUROPA stamp 2012 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition) 

Postal Operator: Russian Post, Russia

Theme: Visit





Best EUROPA stamp 2011
Postal Operator: Turkish PTT, Turkey
Theme: Forest
Description: This stamp from Turkish PTT was designed by Bülent Ates capturing the forest in the autumn




Best EUROPA stamp 2011 (PostEurop Jury Prize Competition)

Postal Operator: Cyprus Post, Cyprus
Theme: Fores




Best EUROPA stamp 2010

 Postal Operator: Magyar Posta, Hungary
Theme:  Children's Book
Description:  The stamps feature a few of the storybook illustrations of the Hungarian Kossuth Prize winning graphic designer Károly Reich (1922-88).  The design capture incidents from the story of a little bear much loved by Hungarian readers, Vackor. (All the drawings appeared as illustrations in the children’s book by István Kormos, The Tales of Vackor.)



Best EUROPA stamp 2009 

Postal Operator: Magyar Posta, Hungary
Theme:  Astronomy
Description:  The stamps potrays Galileo, the space probe named after him launched in 1989 with interplanetary space as background.




Best EUROPA stamp 2008 

Postal Operator: Magyar Posta, Hungary
Theme:  The Letter
Description:  This stamp depicts the theme "The letter" in the background in the form of a mailed letter as well as in the foreground with an actual script letter.

 Best EUROPA Stamp 2007

Postal Operator: Haypost, Armenia
Theme: 100 years of scoutism
Description: All the hands are doing the scout sign, representing tolerance and solidarity.




Best EUROPA Stamp 2006


Postal Operator: USEP Ukrposhta, Ukraine
Theme: Integration as seen by young people
Description: This stamp shows the Earth floating in the vast universe that surrounds it. The human figures holding hands symbolize world integration for the common welfare of mankind in the future.



Best EUROPA Stamp 2005 

Postal Operator: Iceland Post, Iceland
Theme: Gastronomy
Description: What immediately catches the eye of the selected stamp is its plate-shaped form. Combined with the geometrical pattern of the illustrations and the multiple positions of the text, it provides a very dynamic and modern touch.



Best EUROPA Stamp 2004 

Postal Operator: Post Greenland, Greenland
Theme: Holidays
Description: Two Greenlandic girls in national costumes greet each other by rubbing their noses, with the Artic Ocean as a backdrop. The text on the stamp reads "Greetings from Greenland".



Best EUROPA Stamp 2003 

Postal Operator: La Poste Monaco, Monaco
Theme: Poster Art
Description: The stamp depicts a young girl sitting on a diving board.




Best EUROPA Stamp 2002 

Postal Operator: MaltaPost, Malta
Theme: The Circus
Description: The stamp reproduces a portrait image of a clown from an award winning photograph by Gino Theuma. 

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