France – Le Groupe La Poste

In 2018, the agency CDP awarded A’s highest rating to La Poste for its strategy in reducing greenhouse gases. It is the only postal operator in the world rated A.

In 2015, Le Groupe La Poste chose to join and voluntarily respond to the CDP Climate Change Investor Program, one of the environmental impact measurement programs developed by the British rating agency CDP. This agency has awarded its maximum rating, A, to Le Groupe La Poste for its carbon policy. This note marked an acceleration in the Group’s performance, which was rated C in 2015 and B in 2016 and 2017.

The rating agency CDP’s evaluation is based on three programmes that deal with climate change, water supply and forest protection. Present in 50 countries, it is the world’s most comprehensive nonfinancial, environmental database. For 2018, of the 6,937 companies that responded to the Climate questionnaire, only 126 are rated A (1.8%). La Poste is first in the transport services sector of this programme and the only postal operator in the world to obtain the A rating.

La Poste is getting the fruits of its commitment and years of efforts to preserve the environment. 100% of Groupe La Poste’s offers have been compensated since 2012. As of May 2016, 100% of postal sites are supplied with electricity from renewable sources. This note thus crowns a robust, dynamic and resolutely committed energy policy for ecological transition.

Being part of CDP’s “A list” is an additional asset for La Poste and the reflection of the Group’s long-standing commitment to reduce its greenhouse gases. The rating is a systematically mentioned criterion in the calls for tenders that differentiates La Poste for its

CSR policy. For customers, it is also an additional guarantee of the best environmental offer.

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