Jersey – Jersey Post

COVID-19 calls for extraordinary measures which Jersey Post took with regards to parcel deliveries and community building.

As more employees are working remotely amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Jersey Post recognizes the critical nature of keeping businesses afloat.

It, therefore, delivered postcards to every home in Jersey, giving customers the options to display them in their windows, in order to let their postie know that they do not mind if a parcel is left on their doorstep. This initiative aims to limit any contact posties have with the customers when delivering to homes. When they see the postcard, posties know that it is fine to leave the parcel outside and walk away without any contact.

Jersey Post also created a Business2Home directory to support businesses that have had to adapt their business models considering the coronavirus crisis and are now delivering their services to the community.

In challenging times, when the Islands community is pulling together, local businesses adapt to deliver supplies and services directly to homes. Given the current environment with enforced social distancing, home-schooling and remote working, the need for products and services delivered to the door is more prominent than ever before.

New signing procedures have been implemented and no longer require the customer to sign for mail deliveries. Split shifts were introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while successfully continuing to deliver mail and parcels for Islanders. The Business2Home brochure was delivered to every Island household to help get information about these products and services to the community.

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