Press Releases
06 May 2015
European Postal Operators support the Digital Single Market Strategy for the benefit of Consumers, Businesses and Society
[read more...]
22 Apr 2015
European Postal CEOs met with Vice President Ansip and Commissioner Bieńkowska
On 16 April 2015, 21 European Postal Operators CEOs met with Vice President Andrus Ansip and Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, responding to their kind invitation to address the implementation of the Industry Initiative and the pricing of cross-border parcel delivery in the context of the Commission's broader Digital Single Market strategy to be adopted in May 2015. [read more...]
15 Apr 2015
UPU World Strategy Conference closes with appeal for postal sector to embrace innovation
Insight to feed UPU’s next world postal strategy to be adopted next year in Istanbul [read more...]
13 Mar 2015
PostEurop announces the winner of the "Think Green" joint design competition
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of EUROPA stamps [read more...]
17 Feb 2015
PostEurop becomes an official partner of the European Campaign "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress"
PostEurop's members together employ 2 million employees and link 800 million citizens daily. As such, the postal sector has a strong impact on its employee and therefore, the well-being of postal employees remains a major concern for PostEurop members. [read more...]
11 Dec 2014
Paper or Digital? The citizen’s right to choose
Launch of the European Keep Me Posted campaign website [read more...]
05 Dec 2014
PostEurop reaches out to Members of the European Parliament
The Post Today and Tomorrow - Contributing to the European Economy and Society [read more...]
01 Dec 2014
The changing makeup of the letter carrier’s mailbag
Despite decline, letter-post still contributes more than 40 per cent of postal revenues, latest UPU statistics show [read more...]
04 Nov 2014
UPU gives global e-commerce a boost
As early as July 2015, online retailers worldwide will be able to move their wares across borders more easily when Posts can start offering a new optional parcel service responding to this need. [read more...]
08 Oct 2014
Universal Postal Union marks 140 years as part of Berne community
Swiss Post issues postcard highlighting anniversary [read more...]
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