Press Releases
02 Dec 2016
Council discusses progress of negotiations on the Parcel Delivery Proposal – European postal operators look to the Council to recognise the competitiveness of the parcels market
Brussels, 2nd December 2016 [read more...]
15 Nov 2016
E-Commerce and Parcel Delivery - Three innovative SMEs and PostEurop discuss how to deliver the physical part of the Digital Single Market
On 8th November, PostEurop and Ismail Ertug MEP (DE, S&D) hosted a lively morning session on e-commerce and cross-border parcel delivery in the European Parliament. Parcel delivery is a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of the EU’s Digital Single Market. [read more...]
10 Nov 2016
Lietuvos Pastas, Royal Mail and CTT Awarded the PostEurop 2016 CSR "Coups de Coeur"
PostEurop proudly announced the winners of the 2016 "CSR Coups de Cœur" awards during its Plenary Assembly on 9 November 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands. [read more...]
29 Sep 2016
UPU Member countries adopt new terminal dues system
UPU member countries agreed on a new remuneration system for delivering letters and small packets during the first week of deliberations at the Universal Postal Congress. [read more...]
15 Sep 2016
The European Postal Industry welcomes the European Parliament’s support for a sustainable universal service
Today, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the application of the Postal Services Directive, last reviewed in 2008. [read more...]
01 Jun 2016
Postal network’s global big data can be key to understanding nations’ wellbeing
Joint press release from Universal Postal Union and UN Global Pulse [read more...]
25 May 2016
Commission Parcel Delivery Proposal - National postal operators welcome greater price transparency for end consumers but regret increased red tape for businesses
Today, the European Commission published a proposal for a regulation on cross-border parcel delivery. Parcel delivery is a cornerstone of the fast-growing e-commerce industry and a crucial pillar of the EU’s Digital Single Market. Postal operators connect SMEs and e-retailers with citizens across Europe – from London to Bucharest, from Lapland to the Greek islands. [read more...]
20 Apr 2016
HayPost Hosts the First European Postal Operators Assembly in the Caucasus Region
On 19-21 April, HayPost, the National Postal Operator of the Republic of Armenia, will host the first PostEurop Plenary Assembly in the region. [read more...]
19 Feb 2016
Mystery shopping debunks myths around e-commerce delivery prices
Highlights from Copenhagen Economics [read more...]
26 Oct 2015
Second edition of the PostEurop CSR "Coups de Coeur"
PostEurop announced the second "CSR Coups de Cœur" awards during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly on 14 October 2015 in Cyprus. The awards once again highlighted the best practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility amongst European Postal Operators in the following areas of CSR: Employee, Society and Environment. [read more...]
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