Press Releases
20 Apr 2020
Keeping citizens connected during the COVID-19 pandemic
Preliminary findings [read more...]
02 Apr 2020
European Postal Operators unite to tackle COVID-19 pandemic
Postal operators across Europe provide a critical infrastructure and they play a valuable role in maintaining social cohesion through the provision of the universal service during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. [read more...]
25 Mar 2020
Важная роль европейских почтовых операторов во время пандемии COVID-19
Свобода транзита для почтовых отправлений [read more...]
25 Mar 2020
The essential role of European Postal Operators during the COVID-19 pandemic
Freedom of transit for postal deliveries [read more...]
23 Dec 2019
20 years of European Social Dialogue
Joint Contribution to the Postal Services Directive and Declaration on Training in the Digital Era [read more...]
14 Nov 2019
Drawing attention to EUROPA Stamps
Using app technology [read more...]
17 Oct 2019
Swiss Post wins the 2019 Innovation Award
PostEurop is proud to announce Swiss Post as the winner of the 2019 Innovation Award. [read more...]
16 Oct 2019
Members Elected the New PostEurop Management Board
For the term 2020-2022 [read more...]
14 Oct 2019
Pošta Slovenije, An Post and Posti Awarded the PostEurop CSR "Coups de Coeur"
PostEurop proudly announced the recipients of the 2019 CSR Coups de Coeur” awards during a ceremony held during the Plenary Assembly on 10 October in Jersey. [read more...]
11 Oct 2019
The 2019 Most Beautiful EUROPA Stamp winners are Haypost and Pošta Slovenije.
PostEurop is proud to announce Haypost C.J.S.C. (Armenia - Gold), Turkish Post PTT (Turkey - Silver) and Posti Group Corporation (Finland - Bronze) as winners of the 2019 EUROPA Stamps online competition through public voting. [read more...]
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