Press Releases
06 Oct 2021
Česká Pošta, Hellenic Post - ELTA S.A and Deutsche Post DHL Group awarded the 2021 PostEurop CSR "Coups de Coeur"
PostEurop proudly announced the recipients of the “2021 CSR Coups de Coeur” awards during an online ceremony held at the Plenary Assembly on 6 October. [read more...]
17 Sep 2021
Green Postal Day: Postal Operators commits to ambitious 2030 Sustainability targets
Together with Postal Operators worldwide, PostEurop joins in on the third Green Postal Day this 17 September 2021, dedicated to the essential role of postal operators in the fight against climate change. [read more...]
03 Sep 2021
Success at the 27th Universal Postal Union Congress
PostEurop Members take on UPU Leadership role [read more...]
30 Aug 2021
Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress Elections Outcome
Japanese and Slovenian representatives elected to lead UPU [read more...]
10 Jun 2021
EUROPA Stamps caring for the future
EUROPA stamp themes for 2023 and 2024 announced. [read more...]
09 May 2021
EUROPA Stamps raise awareness on Endangered Wildlife and Biodiversity
On EUROPE Day [read more...]
06 Dec 2020
Poczta Polska declared winner of the 2020 EUROPA Stamp Jury Competition
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's judging of the EUROPA stamps by experts was held at a later date and in a new "hybrid" format. [read more...]
13 Nov 2020
Brexit: crucial to ensure continuous and efficient cross-border delivery of goods and parcels between EU27 and UK
Joint Statement [read more...]
14 Oct 2020
Deutsche Post DHL Group and Group La Poste ex aequo winners of the 2020 Innovation Award
PostEurop is proud to announce Deutsche Post DHL Group and Le Groupe La Poste as ex aequo winners of the 2020 Innovation Award. [read more...]
09 Oct 2020
The 2020 Most Beautiful EUROPA Stamp winner for the online competition is Turkish Post PTT.
PostEurop is proud to announce Turkish Post PTT (Turkey - Gold), Haypost C.J.S.C. (Armenia - Silver) and Azerpost (Azerbaijan - Bronze) as winners of the 2020 EUROPA Stamps online competition through public voting. [read more...]
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