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17 Sep 2020
Green Postal Day: How PostEurop supports the EU Green Deal
In the spirit of the 2020 EU Mobility Week themed 'Zero-emission mobility for all' aimed to achieve ambitious targets of a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, PostEurop joins forces with IPC to promote the essential role of postal operators in the fight against climate change on Green Postal Day this 18 September 2020. This is a unique occasion to underline the concrete actions taken by its members to protect the environment and support the EU Green deal. [read more...]
22 Jul 2020
Six months deferment of the VAT regime application for online companies
[read more...]
09 May 2020
Travelling the Ancient Routes via EUROPA Stamps
On EUROPE Day [read more...]
20 Apr 2020
Keeping citizens connected during the COVID-19 pandemic
Preliminary findings [read more...]
02 Apr 2020
European Postal Operators unite to tackle COVID-19 pandemic
Postal operators across Europe provide a critical infrastructure and they play a valuable role in maintaining social cohesion through the provision of the universal service during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. [read more...]
25 Mar 2020
Важная роль европейских почтовых операторов во время пандемии COVID-19
Свобода транзита для почтовых отправлений [read more...]
25 Mar 2020
The essential role of European Postal Operators during the COVID-19 pandemic
Freedom of transit for postal deliveries [read more...]
23 Dec 2019
20 years of European Social Dialogue
Joint Contribution to the Postal Services Directive and Declaration on Training in the Digital Era [read more...]
14 Nov 2019
Drawing attention to EUROPA Stamps
Using app technology [read more...]
17 Oct 2019
Swiss Post wins the 2019 Innovation Award
PostEurop is proud to announce Swiss Post as the winner of the 2019 Innovation Award. [read more...]
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