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23 Sep 2016
MaltaPost supports those travelling, moving address or sending important documents
Offering more than just the delivery of mail, MaltaPost presents a suite of services to ensure maximum confidentiality, security and peace of mind for customers who are away from their usual address, moving to a new home or sending an important document. [read more...]
22 Sep 2016
Mail carriers set to be able to take meter readings too
Swiss Post’s letter carriers reach over four million households almost every day. [read more...]
21 Sep 2016
Omniva installs 30 new parcel machines in Latvia in light of growing number of e-shoppers
The Baltic logistics company doubled the initial number of new parcel machines in Latvia, thus expanding its network in 2016 by 54% in Latvia and 35% in the whole Baltics. [read more...]
20 Sep 2016
Lithuania Post Sends SMS Messages Instead of Paper Notices
More and more people reach news about a received and stored at a post office registered item by SMS messages or e-mail. Nearly one notification in three sent by Lithuania Post about a received item is electronic. [read more...]
16 Sep 2016
Poczta Polska a strategic partner in the e-state construction
An agreement with the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction [read more...]
15 Sep 2016
Amended Postal Act will secure universal services in all parts of the country
Digitization changes the communication needs of our customers and decreases our delivery volumes. This could result in unreasonably high prices for our customers. This is why we think it is urgent to renew the legislation and secure a reasonably priced universal service for consumers and companies, Heikki Malinen, President and CEO at Posti says. [read more...]
13 Sep 2016
Pagero and Omniva enter into strategic partnership
We are pleased to announce that Pagero and Omniva join forces on a strategic level in the Baltic countries, in order to provide an extensive business network with international reach including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. [read more...]
13 Sep 2016
One in ten online shoppers abandon their shopping basket because they get cold feet
One in ten online shoppers abandons their online shopping basket at checkout, when they see how much they could be spending, according to a study commissioned by Royal Mail. [read more...]
12 Sep 2016
Emigrants' Money Continue Pouring into the Country via Lithuania Post
Money transfers sent even from 128 countries reached Lithuania Post during the first half of this year. More than EUR 1M came to Lithuania from each of these countries: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and the United States. Most money from Lithuania was sent to Russia and Ukraine. [read more...]
07 Sep 2016
Omniva’s e-receipt recognised in Europe’s largest business competition
Omniva has been named a National Champion for Estonia in The European Business Awards; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community. [read more...]
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