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24 Dec 2021
Posten Norge delivers record high Christmas mail
Never before have Norwegians sent and received so many packages as during this year's Christmas. [read more...]
21 Dec 2021
Deutsche Post DHL Group introduces Green Carrier Certification as part of its sustainability roadmap
By certifying its green subcontractors, the logistics provider underlines its responsibility in terms of sustainability and climate change while at the same time creating the necessary transparency for its stakeholders. [read more...]
20 Dec 2021
PostNL continues to run at full capacity to handle extra volumes
PostNL is pulling out all the stops to deliver all mail and parcels on time in the hectic next few weeks. The busy peak season invariably involves additional measures being taken. And last Saturday, the Netherlands government announced a strict lockdown, requiring non-essential shops to close until at least mid-January. The additional measures PostNL already has taken for peak season will be extended to absorb the extra pressure. [read more...]
20 Dec 2021
Swiss Post transfers Swiss Post Solutions to new owner
Swiss Post has decided to sell its subsidiary Swiss Post Solutions (SPS). AS Equity Partners, based in Freienbach (canton of Schwyz) and London, will take over the Swiss Post subsidiary. [read more...]
14 Dec 2021
The Norway post office with 24-hour parcel boxes in 1000 places
Large parcel volumes have led Norway Post to establish many more delivery points. In the last year, parcel boxes have been set up all over the country where customers can pick up parcels around the clock. In Trondheim, it was marked yesterday that Posten Norge has placed parcel boxes in over 60 places in the city - and that Posten Norge currently has parcel boxes in 1000 different places in Norway. [read more...]
13 Dec 2021
Deutsche Post DHL Group receives awards for diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity
In November 2021, the company received three important awards in recognition of its Group-wide efforts in this area. [read more...]
09 Dec 2021
Royal Mail partners with Ford to trial more sustainable, city-friendly deliveries
Royal Mail and Ford have partnered to trial a new city-friendly approach to parcel delivery in Manchester. [read more...]
04 Dec 2021
Norway Post urges customers to pick up their package as soon as they can
Norway Post delivered a record volumes of parcels last year and it is at the same level this year. There are a lot of packages at delivery points all over the country that are now waiting to be picked up and there are new large volumes on its way out. [read more...]
03 Dec 2021
Posti Survey: Nearly 80% of Finns intend to remember each other with Christmas greetings
The importance of tradition is emphasized. [read more...]
01 Dec 2021
An Post the 1st major company in Ireland to achieve Zero Gender Pay Gap
They are on a journey of transformation and are committed to building a sustainable future for their business and their people, making big moves to both build the right skills and to promote equal opportunities. [read more...]
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