13 Feb 2014
Comments from European Postal Operators on the EU Commission's VAT public consultation paper
European Postal Operators gathered recently to deliberate the EU Commission's public consultation paper on "Review of existing VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemptions in the public interest". A position paper containing their formal comments as an industry was published on 13 February 2014. [read more...]
05 Feb 2014
PostEurop is looking for a Communication Intern (6 months)
The internship programme is for 6 months starting from 1 April till 31 September 2014. It is offered to students who are currently enrolled in a university level course. The internship programme is focussed on learning by experience and provides an opportunity to gain valuable work skills in an international environment. [read more...]
27 Jan 2014
Organisational Announcement
Following the completion of the Call for Candidates for the nomination of Chairpersons for PostEurop's Committees, Circles and Transversals, we are pleased to announce that the Management Board has appointed the Chairpersons for the term 2014-2016. [read more...]
17 Jan 2014
January 2014 CSR Newsletter “Post & you”
The second issue of PostEurop CSR Newsletter has been published in January and will be widely distributed to all PostEurop members. [read more...]
15 Jan 2014
2014 World Mail Awards: The Growth Award
Dear Members, Each year for the past 14 years, the World Mail Awards honours various achievements across the world postal sector. For the 5th consecutive year, PostEurop supports the Growth category at the World Mail Awards which is in line with its core objectives and underlines the European postal communities’ aim to continue focussing on growing the mail and parcel business. [read more...]
18 Dec 2013
Organisational Announcement
We are pleased to announce the following new appointments. [read more...]
27 Nov 2013
Organisational Announcement
We are pleased to announce various new appointments within PostEurop from September till November 2013. [read more...]
18 Sep 2013
Launch of the CSR Newsletter “Post & you”
In order to better meet members’ needs, the CSR circle wishes to develop its monitoring activities. It has thus decided to launch a regular monitoring of European news, both sectoral and cross-sectoral ones, among the various fields of CSR. This will take the form of a CSR Newsletter “Post & you” which aims at bringing to CSR experts from postal operators all essential information in a fast and regular way on the social, societal and environmental fields. [read more...]
18 Sep 2013
Publication of a CSR Brochure of good practices
The CSR circle is pleased to announce the publication of a CSR Brochure of good practices. It presents 44 good practices from around 20 PostEurop members on core and innovative topics such as alternative-fuelled vehicles, apprenticeship and e-learning. This publication highlights the postal sector dynamism in all aspects of CSR, in particular employees’ development, support to the society and effort against climate change. [read more...]
24 Apr 2013
Various Organisational Appointments
We are pleased to announce the following recent appointments: Ebbe Andersen as Vice-Chairperson of the Security and Customs Transversal, Giovanni Brardinoni, as Vice-Chair of the AES Forum and Jonathan Bemba as PostEurop Communication Intern. [read more...]
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