WTO/GATS Working Group

The mission of the WTO/GATS Working Group is to monitor the developments affecting international trade in postal services and to give input on the EU multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations. These negotiations are conducted within the framework of WTO / GATS or following the launch of Free Trade Agreements between the EU and non-member countries.


The General Agreement on Trade in Services is a treaty of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that entered into force in 1995 as a result of the Uruguay Round negotiations. The treaty was created to extend the multilateral trading system to services, including postal and courier services. The GATS requires WTO member states to gradually open the services sectors of their economies to privatisation.

Main Achievements

  1. June 2003: PostEurop submitted a Position Paper on the talks, calling for reciprocal market access to the main EU trading partners’ postal markets, and asking for a reference paper to be included in any future trade deal.
  2. January 2005: PostEurop issued a Position Paper welcoming and supporting the European Commission Reference Paper  on postal services which proposed a classification system for postal products to be included in the final collective request for postal and courier services. The overall aim of this Paper was to facilitate the development of open and harmonious postal markets across the globe
  3. November 2009:  as a contribution to the Market Access Advisory Committee of the European Commission, PostEurop issued and presented a Position Paper to point out market access problems faced by postal operators and to advise on the steps that should be taken to reduce them.

The main Association's activities concentrate on organising awareness-raising campaigns among relevant partners and decision-makers.


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