Quality of Service Working Group

The mission of the Quality of Service Working Group is to:

  1. Develop awareness concerning necessary quality of service improvements
  2. Be an informative platform to increase quality of service know-how
  3. Improve European quality of service standards
  4. Improve quality management and measurement activities, and support project set-up and management for quality of service initiatives.

The working group works in close cooperation with PostEurop’s Operations Manager to ensure the improvement of the interoperability of the European and Global Postal Network

The “principle” of our work is that PostEurop QoSWG  plays an active role together with its Members (partners!) in order to achieve a higher end-to-end Quality of Service within Europe

Next Events:

  • 21 April 2020, TELCO

Latest Activities & Achievements

Since 2005 till December 2018 carried out:

  • 37 Process Reviews
  • 26 Process Assessments
  • 25 Workshops

2 Working Group meetings per year Benefits of Participation

Workshops/Working Group meetings sharing Best Practices, enabling target countries to establish technical measurement structures and operational processes to support improvements in quality of service:

  1. Quality of service performance must have highest possible priority also moving forward. E-commerce has become an increasing part of our business and quality and reliability will be key performance factors. "What you promise to your customer, you will have to deliver.
  2. End-to-end performance will be a crucial quality element, and hence the continued cooperation between UPU and IPC on combining measurements and results will be crucial.
  3. Increased and targeted support to members when needed and asked by them, could be a priority, but only if these members safeguard top management support and are willing to allocate necessary resources.

Continue close cooperation with Ops Working Group, in particular on parcels and on e-Commerce, combined meetings and Process Reviews (e-PR)

Revised on 22 March 2019

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Drazen Ladis
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