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11 Jan 2017
Omniva subsidiary Post11 services international e-commerce with Qstep
Post11, subsidiary of Omniva and one of the largest Chinese courier companies S.F.Express, concluded a software development contract with the company Qstep logiciel OÜ for the purpose of making their operation more effective in servicing increasing international e-commerce shipment volumes. [read more...]
09 Jan 2017
Thousands of letters sent to Santa Claus, reports Swiss Post
Christmas time can be both a peaceful time and a hectic one – especially for Santa. Thousands of children each send him letters with their wishes and concerns. [read more...]
05 Jan 2017
Swiss Post takes its last petrol scooter out of service
As part of its commitment to sustainability, Swiss Post focuses on climate protection, with sustainable transport solutions used for the delivery of letters. [read more...]
03 Jan 2017
Public search for the Chair of the Executive Board of AS Eesti Post
The Supervisory Board of AS Eesti Post announces a public search for the position of the Chair of the Executive Board of the enterprise. [read more...]
03 Jan 2017
Isle of Man Post Office blogs about Making the Most of Direct Mail’s Popularity – Part 2
In this blog, we continue our informal examination of the secrets of successful Direct Mail. This time I'm going to look at the vital importance of recognising your unique selling points (USPs) and focusing on them ferociously. [read more...]
29 Dec 2016
Royal Mail predicts ‘Take-back Tuesday’ will be the busiest day for returning Christmas gifts
Royal Mail predicts that ‘Take-back Tuesday’ – the first working day in the New Year – will be the busiest day for online shopping returns through the post as shoppers rush to send back unwanted Christmas gifts. [read more...]
26 Dec 2016
Swiss Post delivers millions of parcels and letters
This year, the sorting systems at Swiss Post’s distribution centers were again running at near full capacity in the run-up to Christmas. [read more...]
24 Dec 2016
Isle of Man Post Office blogs about Making the Most of Direct Mail’s Popularity – Part 1
You need to work to make it work... [read more...]
23 Dec 2016
PostNL delivers 5.5 million parcels in week before Christmas
The Hague, 23 December 2016 – A PostNL delivery worker came to the door at almost 4 million addresses in the Netherlands in the week before Christmas. [read more...]
22 Dec 2016
Deutsche Post DHL Group completes UK Mail acquisition
Deutsche Post DHL Group, the world’s leading mail and logistics group, has completed the acquisition of UK Mail, one of the UK’s leading Parcels, Mail and Logistics services companies. [read more...]
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